Far-Right Protest


A one-stop source to track, measure and compare ongoing trends in far-right protest mobilization in Europe

Anti-LGBTQI+ protest in Kraków, Poland (2020)
Location of far-right protests (FARPE data 2008-2018)
Jobbik party’s police force ‘Csendorseg’ in Budapest, Hungary (2012)

The Observatory

FARPO is an interactive platform created by researchers at CEVIPOL/Université Libre de Bruxelles, C-REX Center for Research on Extremism, Sciences Po and University of Bologna. The observatory provides data on far-right street activism in European countries over the past two decades.


Latest Publication

Castelli Gattinara, P. & Froio, C. (2024), When the Far Right Makes the News: Protest Characteristics and Media Coverage of Far-Right Mobilization in Europe. Comparative Political Studies. 57(3): 419-452.

When the far right makes the news

Protest characteristics and media coverage of far-right mobilization in Europe